We listen-first and develop an in-depth understanding of your business objectives and challenges. Our analysis focuses on several key areas:

General Business Overview: A thorough review of your company's products and services; historical financial performance, with a focus on revenues and cash flow; the competitive landscape; and how your company is currently capitalized.

Ownership Structure: Composition of your investor base (e.g. private equity investors, founders, senior management, passive investors, etc.) and the location of your personal business assets, such as trusts and other estate planning structures.

Assets: Key assets of the company, including technology, patents, brands, real estate, customer and supply contracts, management and employees.

Liquidity Needs: Optimizing the current cash and debt levels, and the need for operating and/or growth capital.

Strategic Plan: A discussion of the 12-24 month outlook with an emphasis on capital needs or potential for acquisitions.

Monetization/Diversification Objectives: Analysis of opportunities to either fully or partially monetize in order to diversify.

We also offer specialized asset management capabilities at the company-level. Our corporate solutions provide access to investment strategies tailored for corporate cash and pension/retirement vehicles.

Corporate Cash Management: Range of cash management strategies with institutional and custom corporate cash management options available for larger accounts.

Pension Fund Management: Fully customizable investment outsourcing which includes fiduciary oversight, asset allocation and investment selection, asset/liability analysis, performance monitoring and reporting, and third-party trust and custody.