We deliver integrated private wealth and corporate finance solutions. 

River Cities provides transaction and strategic advisory services to business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives across all stages of business growth. We advise our clients with a singular focus of helping them succeed - both personally and professionally - without any conflict.

Whether the client's objective may be to protect and distribute their private wealth, or to properly structure a growth capital transaction for their business, we serve as their true advocate.

Our interests are always aligned and we have a proven track record of successful long-term partnerships with our clients. The firm's leadership have held roles at leading investment banks and as business owners of their own companies.

Examples of client achievements:

Pre-Transaction Planning: Advised C-level corporate executive on negotiating a restricted stock agreement during a major IPO. Resulted in successful monetization, proper long-term investment diversification and full-achievement of family goals. The family continues to be a client today for Private Wealth and future Transactions

Portfolio Alternatives: Completed a top-down portfolio review for a successful business owner and family who, at the time, utilized a few mega-banks for their investment services. The review resulted in a significant reduction of fees, proper reallocation of capital on a risk-adjusted basis, and a long-term engagement to manage the portfolio. The family continues to be a client today for Private Wealth.

Business Transaction: Advised a business owner on how to structure and receive a major growth capital investment from a private equity firm. We took a hands-on approach to interview potential investment bankers, connect the business owner with sources of private equity capital through our network, and ultimately counseled the business owner on the finer points of the successful transaction. The family continues to be a client today for CorporatePrivate Wealth and future Transactions.