Together with our robust network of investment professionals, we take a hands-on approach to connect business owners to the appropriate investment bankers and sources of growth capital. We typically quarterback the transaction on behalf of our clients to ensure a smooth and professional process. 

Transaction Counsel: We thoroughly review your need for operating and/or growth capital, and then utilize our network to connect you with the appropriate parties who can meet your need(s). On your behalf, we screen and interview each party and deliver our qualified and independent advice on the best path for you and your business. We remain engaged with you during the transaction and provide continuous counsel on the terms and conditions being negotiated, to ensure execution success with optimal results.

Depending upon the situation, we may provide objective referrals and access to the following:

Investment Banking: Formal network of leading investment banking firms that specialize in specific industries and geographies.

Private Equity, Credit & Special Situations: Professional investing groups that strategically deploy capital for acquisitions, refinancings and growth opportunities.

Premiere Service Providers: Professional service providers that work alongside us to provide the appropriate counsel and resources to effect a transaction. Examples include: Corporate Law, Tax, Trust & Estate and Corporate Accounting.